About RQ Partners

Step into the law offices of RQ Partners, LLP. and you’ll be convinced you’ve arrived at a large national law firm.

With full-service legal expertise and an environment that evokes downtown luxury, we’re proud to bring a high level of sophistication to our clients. Every one of our legal professionals is committed to providing you with individualized care, efficiency, and a high level of sophistication. We’re renowned for respecting our clients with fees that are reasonable and fair, all while delivering a tailored experience that rivals the most successful firms in the country.

Affordable downtown luxury — right in the heart of Vaughan. That’s RQ Partners, LLP.

Prominently located in the heart of Vaughan, Ontario, RQ Partners, LLP. is strategically situated to accommodate the needs of a region experiencing rapid development and growth. Practicing within and outside the Greater Toronto Area, RQ Partners, LLP. represents the needs of a diverse and exciting clientele in a broad range of industries more than willing to accommodate even the most challenging of schedules.

Innovative Strategies

Priding ourselves on our modern approach, RQ Partners, LLP. has taken advantage of the changes in communication and information technology to ensure that our clients receive the benefits of a fully-automated full service law firm. In pace with the growing needs and demands of our clientele, we access electronic information more rapidly through various governmental and private sector databases, ultimately reducing costs and turnaround times.

Partners in Practice

In today’s demanding market, servicing your clientele means giving them more than just legal advice. At RQ Partners, LLP., we are business oriented, and in turn, align ourselves with other service providers to meet the increasing needs of our clients. Forming strategic alliances with Financial Institutions, Accountants, Title Insurance Companies, and other professional advisors and consultants allows us to maintain a client catered approach to the myriad of client issues we are required to deal with on a regular basis

Join Us on the Front Lines

Members of our firm know what it’s like to be on the front lines and we have the track record to prove it.

Contact RQ Partners, LLP. LLP today to learn more about a firm that is truly devoted to the needs of its clients, regardless of their size or budget.